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Rum Montero distillery was founded in 1963 by a family which has been cultivating sugar cane for generations, whose guiding principles have always been quality of its products and artisanal production techniques, the laying of enormous importance on the quality of raw materials used, and scrupulous respect for the Crianza times in the system of “Soleras” and “Criaderas”.

Today Rum Montero sells 240.000 litres of rum a year and the Motrileños, the people of Motril, together with those who have had the opportunity to try this rum, are its most enthusiastic ambassadors.

The distillery offers free guided tours to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, at 12.00 in Spanish and at 13 in English. Alternatively, you can contact us by email at

There is no admission charge. For other dates and groups we request interested parties to complete the visiting form to the left.


El fundador de la empresa D. Francisco Montero Martín.

April 1st, 1929 Don Francisco Montero Martin was born in Motril. He is the youngest of six children and from his childhood had a close relationship with the family business, Azucarera Montero distillery, which today produces rum, elaborated from sugar cane, bears the same name.

In 1963 he decided to pursue his dream: to produce a superior quality rum, using traditional methods. The road ahead was not an easy one, but thanks to his perseverance, his visionary spirit and his business acumen, he succeeded in placing golden rum in the Spanish market, which hitherto had little or no knowledge of this product. The results of his entrepreneurial acumen are Ron Pálido Montero and Ron Montero Gran Reserva.

From the deep knowledge he gained growing up in a sugar cane cultivating and processing environment, Don Francisco Montero developed his own method of producing rum, and rumours of his secret formula were rife. Notwithstanding, he maintains that his fundamental principle is to source the finest quality raw materials, use traditional artisanal methods of production and of utmost importance, “not be overly hasty in wanting to sell the product”.

 Today, “Uncle Paco” is proud that Motril is known for his rum and states quite categorically: “No one believes that Rum Montero will disappear, because there is enough rum for years to come. I will depart, but Rum Montero will continue with the same supreme quality and will maintain its unique identity. The distillery will be in good hands, because those who take over have been brought up in the tradition; they were trained by me”.

The key of our success: top quality materials, use of a traditional method and not to be overly hasty in wanting to sell.


Joaquín Martín Montero, sobrino del fundador, su esposa Mª Elena Targa, y su hija, la directora de la bodega, Andrea Martín Targa.


In 2007, Joaquín Martín Montero, nephew of the founder and director of the last sugar cane cultivator in Europe and the only molasses distillery in Spain, buys Ron Montero distillery.

His wife, María Elena Targa, took charge of reforming the distillery, and frequently leads the guided tours.

Since that same year, their daughter, Andrea Martín Targa, has managed the distillery; youthful and enterprising, she has very clear ideas: “to maintain the founder´s spirit and grow, little by little, without ever jeopardizing the quality we have become known for, throughout our long history”.